Ecocentric Mom August Mom Box

Today was my first day back at work with students for the 2013-2014 school year and my daughter’s first day in the 2’s class at her school.  So, I was very happy to see an Ecocentric Mom Mom’s Box waiting for me at my door when I arrived home.  Ecocentric Mom is a mom run subscription box company that sends out environment and human friendly products each month.  Last month I subscribed for a baby box and really liked it, but this month I decided to get the mom box as a special treat for myself.  I have been really impressed by how many items Ecocentric Mom is able to fit into relatively small boxes.  This month there are products or offers from 10 different companies.


This month’s mom box is big on beauty items, which I don’t love, but I am willing to try.  There are two samples of Pure and Remedy Gentle Hydrating Facial Moisturizer ($3.50 each) and two samples of their Vitamin C Concentrate Facial Moisturizer ($4.00 each).  These did not fair well sitting outside in the TX heat, so I will open them up and check them out once they are more solid.  However, I really like how natural the ingredients in the moisturizers are.  There is also a bar of soap from Possum Hollow Farms.  I am excited to try this soap out, and I really hope I love it because the company is from Buck’s County, PA, where I grew up.  The last two beauty items are both made by Suncoat, which is another company I have never heard of, but in my brief period of research looks like they make amazing options for healthy beauty products.  Ecocentric Mom included a full sized Sugar Based Natural Mascara (this retails for $14.99) and a full sized Girl Nail Polish (a $7.99 value).  My little one is loving pink toes, so I am sure she will be wanting to use the polish.  It looks like it is a safe as Piggy Polish, so I have no worries about using it on her nails.


There are also a bunch of snacks in the box, including a TrueBar, which is a delicious gluten free, snack bar.  I love these bars because they make the perfect breakfast on a busy day.  There are also two bags of ips All Natural Chips.  They are a high in protein chip.  I will be trying these out tomorrow so let me know if you want to know more about how they taste.  Another healthy food option that is in this month’s box is several samples MacroLife Naturals Coco Greens and Berri Reds Nutrient Rich Super-Foods.  I am hoping that I can slip these into a smoothie so that we all can get some extra vitamins and probiotics.  The last foodish item is Moontime Tea’s Organic Fertility Blend teabags (2).   I am not in need of the fertility right now, but the blend of organic red raspberry, organic red clover, and organic peppermint smells and tastes great.  I wish more than two bags were included since I am a huge tea drinker.


I am so happy that the last three items were included because they are all useful.  The first one is an assortment of Untrash Compostable Bags.  I am going to take these into show the AP Environmental students.  There are 3 gallon, 13 gallon, and sandwich bags which can be tossed into the compost pile when you are done with them.  Hopefully my students won’t think they are as strange at the compostable diapers I brought in last year.  Ecocentric Mom also put in a $10 gift card for The Keeper or Moon Cup.  I keep meaning to order a new one, so this is the incentive I need.  Last but not least is a $5 Instagrad Gift.  Instagrad is a company that allows people to make gifts to a college savings plan.  This is a brilliant idea for baby shower, first birthday, or sweet sixteen gifts.


While I would not have purchased the majority of the items in this box, I am very happy with the assortment of fun things and I can’t wait to try out many of the products.  This is also a great value for a box because I only pay $18 a month.


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