Yippie Citrus Lane!

For those of you that are not familiar with Citrus Lane, it is a monthly subscription box for ages 0-5.  It is about $25 a month depending on how many months you sign up for or what offers are available when you sign up.  I renewed my daughter’s subscription last year on Black Friday and paid $90 for six months.  I signed my daughter up for Citrus Lane when she was eight or nine months old, and most months I absolutely love the box.  However, they have been a little hit or miss lately.  After a few months of being less than thrilled with Citrus Lane, I was so excited to receive a box that my daughter and I both love.  Citrus Lane was hinting that the “theme” for August’s box was back to school or learn and play.  I think they really managed to include learn and play items and a few items that are great for back to school.


The first item that my daughter pulled out of the box was the information sheet and an offer for a free outfit from FabKids.  I was originally not going to use the FabKids offer, but I looked on their website and found a couple of outfits that I thought were cute.  I paid the $4.99 in shipping and we will see how it is when it gets here.  If you are going to order from FabKids, I recommend doing a prepaid gift card and not your debit or credit card because they are supposedly a nightmare to cancel.

The next to items that came out are items that we are very familiar with and use all the time.  The first one was Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, which I had to convince her not to eat until I got to take a picture.  This is the first time Annie’s has made an appearance in a Citrus Lane box.  The second one was a Barefoot Books Bear on the Go Puzzle.  We own this puzzle already, so someone will be getting this as a gift in the future.  Citrus Lane introduced us to Barefoot Books, and while I love Barefoot Books, it would be okay with me if they did not include their products so often.  My little one was probably most enthusiastic about the Ouchies Jr. band-aids.  She is obsessed with wearing band-aids as a fashion accessory.  We needed to by a box for school, so thanks Citrus Lane for helping out.  Their were also Clean Well Sanitizing Hand Wipes that will go to school because hand wipes were another item on the list.  The last and most loved item from this months box is the Faber-Castell Fun Things to Color book.  It is an alphabet coloring book that includes eight shorter markers that are the perfect size for a toddler’s hand.  The marker caps are a little hard to get back on, so you might want to be around while this one is being used.

IMG_0678I love this month’s box.  I felt like the box was well thought out and not just thrown together.  I was also a great value.   If you are interested in subscribing to Citrus Lane you can use my referral link (just click) to get $10 off your first month.


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