Farewell Conscious Box!


So I received my final Conscious Box this week, and I am glad to be done with this subscription for now.  I think this box is actually the best box that has been sent out.  When I subscribed I got 50% off my subscription, so I think this month’s box was totally worth what I paid.  There are two main reasons I like this box more that the last two or three.  The first reason is that it had a variety of full size products in it.


The second reason is that it had a lot of high quality kid’s products in it this month.  I am a huge fan of Sneakz, Happybaby, and Barbara’s so I was more thrilled when I saw all three of them in this box.  Nordic Naturals makes high quality DHA products, and if I used DHA supplements on a regular basis, I would buy Nordic Naturals.  This means that six of the items in this month’s box have already been used.  They have not gone to the big box of samples that I keep incase I ever need them.


The next category that I divided the products into is products that are new to me.  I will probably never use the Allimax or the Veggie Protein (they are living in the big box of samples), but I really like the Chicken Poop lip balm.  I am also sure that the probiotic and the herbal zap will be used once the school year starts.

IMG_0666The last category of products is box repeats (Sneakz technically falls into this category too).    The fact that I have a repeats category is one of the reasons that I cancelled this subscription.  I have now been sent and have not used the Relax-All, the Naturally it’s Clean Floor, and the Ultima Replenisher multiple times and have not used any of the samples.  I will use the Stash Tea, but I subscribe to monthly boxes so I can find out about new products.


My advice to people thinking about signing up for Conscious Box is don’t sign up for a long subscription.  Try out a box or two and see what you think.  I have heard horror stories about canceling Conscious Box, but I did not have a problem.  Also, make sure you use a coupon code because there are always a bunch floating around.


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