We had a busy last weekend in Philadelphia.  My little one and I attended MommyCon.  MommyCon is a convention for moms and dads.  While the event is open to all families it tends to attract families that practice more “natural parenting” (as if there is unnatural parenting).  It features speakers talking about breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby carriers, and car seats, as well as a ton of awesome giveaways.  It was excellent to be around so many babywearing, cloth diapering, breastfeeding mamas.  The event was two days long.  On Saturday there were VIP events that were for smaller groups of parents and on Sunday there was the main convention with about 400 parents and their kiddos.

The VIP events on Saturday were “playdate” style, so kids played and parents chatted.  I attended four different playdates.  Each play date featured a different product or blogger, so the first one was a Meet and Leak with Jessica (The Leaky B@@b), the second one was a babywearing playdate sponsored by Ergo and Beco, the third one was From Womb to Sloomb, and the fourth one was Cocktails and Confessions with Jamie Grayson (The Baby Guy NYC).  I think I was expecting each topic to be discussed at the playdates, but they were really just hanging out, getting to chat with others, and getting really good goodie bags.  Here are a few pictures of the awesome items in the goodie bags.


A Beco Soleil carrier, which is great for wearing a toddler.  A Babyhawk mei tai in the fun new Atticus print.  Babyhawk designed this carrier specifically for MommyCon.  A Maya Wrap ring sling.  This sling, the Xza,  was also designed for MommyCon.  I love carriers.  I didn’t own any of these so I am super excited to use them.

IMG_0526This is a MommyCon exclusive Sustainablebabyish Sloomb fitted diaper.  These are my favorite overnight diapers to use.  However, I am hoping not to need to use this because I really want potty training to be successful in the very near future.


This is the last picture of goodie bag treats that I am going to post, but there was a ton of other stuff in them.  I love dryer balls, and it will be nice to have a new set to use once cloth diaper wash is all done.  Also, Thirsties wipes are great.  They come in all different colors and they make great wash cloths too.

The main MommyCon event was on Sunday, and I had a couple main goals for the day.  First I wanted to hear Jessica, The Leaky B@@b speak, and second, I wanted to get to look at all the awesome new products vendors were showing.  Jessica gave a great presentation on why/ how to normalize breastfeeding.  It was heartfelt and made me realize that I am not ready to wean my little nursling.  When I started nursing my goal was to make it to a year, but the relationship that has developed while nursing is not one that we are ready to give up so nursing will continue for the foreseeable future.  Also, she taught my little one a new word, sex.  I am kind of surprised she did not already know the word because I teach sex ed.  My second priority was to look at new stuff.  The main thing I was looking for was cloth trainers.  I think I found great ones that are going to work.  They are made by Best Bottoms and they look like underwear but help to contain messes.  I think they are going to be awesome for my daughter because when she saw them she said she did not want to pee on the puppies.  I am on a quest to order these today.


All in all, I think MommyCon was a great experience, and I think it will get even better as the organizers gain more experience.  I would have loved to see more speakers and workshops on Sunday because it seemed like there were too many people for the number of events being offered.  If MommyCon swings through a city close to home, I am sure I will go, but I am not sure I would travel too far to attend.

For more information on MommyCon you can check them out on Facebook or at


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