Random Bits and Ecocentric Mom

First off, I would like to congratulate Ashley on winning the Escape Monthly box.  I hope it is wonderful.  Second, I have not been able to review our Citrus Lane box yet because I had it shipped to our house, which is not where we are at the current moment.  However, I think this box looks way better than last months.

The third thing is that I got my first Ecocentric Mom “subscription” box yesterday, and I love it.  For those of you that don’t know, Ecocentric Mom is a wonderful mom run company that sends out monthly subscription boxes.  They have three options: a mom box, a baby box (up to 18 months) and a mom to be box.  If you do a pay as you go subscription it is $21 a month, but they are great about running special promotions.  When I signed up I used an offer for $3 off, which makes the box $18.  Ecocentric Mom’s motto is “discover healthy-buy healthy-be healthy,” and all of the products in this month’s box fit that description.


I decided to get a baby box this month even though my daughter is almost 2.5 years old because I have lots of friends having babies right now and thought I could always pass on the items I can’t use.  Eleven different items were included in the July box (multiples of a few of them).  Three of the items fell into the they will be given new homes category: Babysoy Duo Color Socks (6-12 month size), Wellements Baby Organic Gripe Water (never needed gripe water for tummy issues and no more teething), and Milky! (while I am still breastfeeding my supply is pretty solid).  All three of these items will be great for a new mama because they are all fabulous.  I know so many moms who struggle with maintaining a supply, so I am going to pass the Milky! onto one of them.


The rest of the “baby” products can be used for a toddler.  This box included an adorable Keith Haring bib made by Bumkins.  I love Keith Haring’s art, so I am a big fan of this bib.  It is BPA, lead, and PVC free.  There is also a little sample of Aromatics and Herbs Not Just for Butts Organic Diaper Rash Cream.  It says that it works on eczema, scrapes, and dry skin.  I am also sure it will sooth skin after a day on the beach.  I have recently become a fan of reusable food pouches, and Ecocentric Mom included a Nourish Reusable Food Pouch this month.  I really like the polka dots on it.  It is also a different style than the one we have been using, so I am curious to see if my daughter likes it more.  It has a smaller tube to eat out of, so I am not sure if it is going to be a hit.  The last item that I am going to say is only for a toddler is the NurturMeals Organic Dry Meal Pouches.  I really like these because they are easy to sneak into other foods.  Since I need to sneak all fruits and vegetables into my child, these are perfect.


The next item is supposed to be for baby, but I think I am going to steal it for me.  It is a four oz. sample of Wellinhand Kiddie Calmer(TM) Sea Bath.  It has a strong (my mother used the word overpowering) lavender scent.  I have to say if you do not like fragrant things I don’t think this is the product for you.  Ecocentric Mom also tucked into snacks for mom, a Larabar ALT bar and a Cascadian Farm Oats and Honey Crunch Bar.  Both of these will be mom diaper bag snacks.  The last item that is mom oriented is a sample of Greene Street Oatmeal Soap.  It is all natural and made with food grade oils.  All in all, I am very pleased with this box.  Ecocentric Mom includes the prices of all of the items in the box, so this box is valued at right about $45, which is more than double what I paid for it.  However, I think that bigger value in the Ecocentric Mom box is getting eco-friendly, toddler safe, mommy safe product without having to do all the research.  I am so excited I started this subscription!  If you want to start your own subscription you can find them at http://www.ecocentricmom.com.  Ecocentric Mom is offering 10% off your monthly subscription with the code ECOMOM10.



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