I decided to take the plunge and try Juniper this month.  Juniper is your periods best friend.  Each month Juniper will ship you a box filled with the brand of tampons you select, a few back-up pads, some Midol (if you request it), and a surprise batch of goodies to make your period a little easier.  All of this is delivered to your door in time for your period each month in a plain white box for only $28.00.


I really like the idea of Juniper, but I usually don’t use tampons, which means I have not had a reason to try it out.  However, with all of the traveling that I am doing this summer and the trip to the beach that is planned for the days I should have my period, this seemed like the perfect month to try it out.

Signing up for Juniper is easy and once you have entered all of your information Lynn will send you an email  to help her customize your box to meet your needs.  Since I am going to be at the beach, I have a crazy cycle, and I have not used tampons since before I was pregnant, Lynn came up with the following selection to include in my box: 16 Natracare Regular Tampons, 16 Natracare Super Tampons, 5 Natracare Regular Pads, and 5 Always Infinity Liners (turns out this is a ton of tampons and pads).




My cycle is supposed to start on the 24, and the box arrived in plenty of time.  When I opened it up it was beautifully packaged.  There was a letter from Lynn and a card with details about all the treats.  There was also information on TSS and how to insert a tampon (perfect for teenagers).  The tampons were all neatly packaged in boxes, the pads were in a little bag, and the treats were in another little bag.

IMG_0372IMG_0376 IMG_0377I decided to receive Natracare tampons and pads because they contain the fewest chemicals and bad stuff.  I have never used them before, but a bunch of people have said they are great.  The treat pouch was filled with an assortment of teas, honey stick, snacks, and a candle.  I am trying hard to save all the goodies for when I actually have my period, but the Torn Ranch chocolate chip cookies were too hard to resist.  They tasted great.



The value of the contents of the box is not as high as the monthly subscription fee, but the convenience of the service and the fact that you can actually have something to look forward to as you start your cycle each month is priceless.  If you want to get or gift Juniper check them out at




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