An Underwhelming Box

I have officially cancelled my Conscious Box membership once my paid subscription runs out. Every month I think this box is okay but if I had paid full price for it I would be bummed. This month when I opened the box I thought I only paid half price for this and I am bummed. The box looked beautiful when I opened it.  This month Conscious Box included a nice insert explaining all of the products in the box that is more detailed than they used to include.


However, once I started looking at the insert I was disappointed to see I had received almost all of the items in past boxes.   Some of the items I really like, so I don’t mind getting them again, but others I hated the first time and I still don’t like.  Then I started looking at the products and it really seems like they just threw whatever samples were leftover into a box to clean out.


IMG_0382My least favorite product in the box was the tiny wooden spoon.  I can’t believe that a company would actually want to send that out as a representation of themselves (I am not going to name the company because I am embarrassed for them).  Many of the other products will go into a box of if I ever need this samples, and the skout bar, the Orgain Kids drink, and the Ecover dish detergent have already been used up.  I really like all three of those products.  I am also excited to try out the reusable bamboo towel.  It looks like a perfect thing to throw in the diaper bag to deal with little messes in a more environmentally friendly way.

If after reading this post you are still interested in discovering Conscious Box for yourself, you can check it out at  You can use the code EARTHMONTH for 50% off your purchase.


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