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We have been eating lots of snacks around here today because we got our Healthy Surprise Starter Gift Box.  Healthy Surprise is a fairly new subscription box that offers new, healthy snacks delivered to your home every month.  The foods they send out are soy free, gluten free, natural, and vegan. They are also all made in the US. They offer three different size options for the box.  The Starter Box is the smallest option, the Healthy Box is the medium option, and the Large Box is the enormous option. They range in price from $39.99 (once you add in shipping) to $99.00 a month for a subscription. They also have a gifting option that starts at $49.99.

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First off, I think Healthy Surprise has the best shipping of any box company around.  I placed my order on July 15 and received it on the July 17.  Second, I am super impressed with the quality and selection of the foods in this box.  Some of the snacks we are familiar with and others are new to us.  We have not yet had time to try them all, but I am looking forward to at least a week of fun healthy snacks.  The Starter Box is created to provide snacks for 1-2 people and comes with 11+ full size snacks.  All together there are between 16 and 20 servings of snacks in the box.


The box I received had 12 different snacks in it, some great recipes, and a coupon code on the back of the “I Read the Label” card (the code is READLABEL).  The box came nicely packaged. Some snacks are sweet and some are savory, but all of them look delicious.  Three of the snacks are consumed all the time in our house: the Plum Organics Berry Mashups, the Hail Marry Strawberry Macaroons, and the Just Fruit Pear Strawberry Bar.  I think the Hail Merry Macaroons were the item I was most excited to see because I love all Hail Merry products.  As I was unpacking the box I tried the Righteously Raw Divine Mint chocolate bite and it was delicious and after naptime my non-vegetable and fruit eating two year old had some of the Just Tomatoes.  She dipped them in hummus and loved them.  The rest of the treats will be consumed, but there is only so much you can eat in one day.  If you have questions about any of the snacks let me know, and I can tell you more once we have tried them.

IMG_0386 IMG_0381

Just Great Stuff Cacao+Acai-$1.99

Just Fruit Bar Pear Strawberry-$1.81- These are sophisticated, good for you, natural distant relative of the fruit roll-ups I ate as a kid in my school lunches. The are soft and chewy and have a great fruit flavor.

Hail Merry Strawberry Macaroons- $5.00- Hail Merry makes amazing raw products. These macaroons are a great little sweet treat (unless you eat the whole bag, which I have been known to do). They have exactly the right balance of coconut and strawberry. Also, if you live in the Dallas area and belong to Costco you need to pick up Miracle Tarts the next time you go.

Just Tomatoes-$2.35- Veggie chips that are actually healthy because they are just veggies. They are a little chewy, so don’t expect that potato chip like crunch.

Caveman Nuts-$2.29


Daily Crave Breaking News Veggie Chips-$0.98- A food that I have a love/ hate relationship with. I love them because they taste so good and hate them because I think veggie chips should be healthy.

Lydia’s Organics Rawkin’ Beet Chips-$5.99

Nibnaks Crancherry Tart-$2.19

Plum Organics Berry Mashups-$1.25- A go to toddler staple. My little one sucked this down in no time. They can create interesting stains if the eater tries to use it as finger paint.

Righteously Raw Pure Dark and Divine Mint-$2.50- Intense chocolate flavor. You need to like real chocolate to like these. I love chocolate, so I like the Divine Mint. It was not as minty as I was expecting it to be.

I was given this box to review, so it was a great deal for me.  Thank you Healthy Surprise!  However, I would have been disappointed if I had paid full price for this box.  The Healthy Surprise Starter Gift Box retails for $49.99, and the value of the products in the box was only $29.53.  If you sign up for a subscription it is $33.00 a month plus $6.99 for shipping.  If you get the subscription the value of the products and great shipping make the product worth its value, but the price of the gift box is a little high for what you receive.  If you want to try out a Healthy Surprise Box for yourself you can check them out here or you can enter the drawing for a complimentary Starter size box.  Just click on the rafflecopter link below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer:  Contest open to US residents only. The prize will be shipped by Healthy Surprise.  Healthy Surprise provided me the box to review, but my review only contains my honest opinion.


14 thoughts on “Healthy Surprise

  1. My favorite healthy snack are sunflower seed kernels with dried fruit. Delicious on-the-go munchies! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway.

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