June Naturebox

I am so happy that I gave Naturebox another chance.  Last month I was not overly impressed with the box, but this month I took advantage of picking of the pick your own snacks option that Naturebox recently started to offer.  Image

I picked four of the five snacks and decided to let them surprise me with one of the snacks.   The four snacks I picked out are wild blueberry flax granola, south pacific plantains, cinnamon spiced almonds, and blueberry nom noms (I picked these because I like the name).  All of these snacks are great.  I would highly recommend the wild blueberry flax granola and the cinnamon spiced almonds.  I am probably going to order them in my next box too.  The blueberry nom noms are good, but I was not expecting them to be as coconutty as they are.  The plantains are a perfect substitute for chips for my two year and she wanted more, which is huge because she does not like to eat fruits or vegetables.  The surprise snack, big island pineapple, is also delicious, but is a snack I could easily pick up at most supermarkets.


If you are interested in trying Naturebox you can get your first month for $10.00 using this link http://fbuy.me/dfZC.


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