Perfect Box

My conversation with Citrus Lane has me thinking about what my idea of a “perfect box” is.  Ideally it would be in the same price range as Citrus Lane, about $25.00 a month.  The box would contain five items each month, a CD or book, a toy, a craft project, a snack for kiddo, and a chocolate mommy treat.  It would be a themed box and it would be age appropriate for toddlers from 12 months to three years. 


We are working on potty training right now, so here are the items I would put in a box that is all about using the potty.

CD or book- Once Upon a Potty (there is a girl version and a boy version of the book)

Toy- Mudpuppy Animal ABC Ring Flash Cards (to use during the 10th trip to the bathroom before nap time)

Craft- a make your own potty chart with lots of stickers

Snack- Annie’s Fruit Snacks

Chocolate treat- See’s Candies Assorted Chocolates Silver Box


A summer fun box might contain the following items:

CD or book- An Adventurous Day by Lolly and Yoyo (CD)

Toy- Hape Toys Sea Creature Set

Craft- a make your own ocean kit

Snack- Little Duck Organics Tiny Fruit

Chocolate Treat- Lake Champlain Chocolates Organic Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Bar

What would your perfect box contain? 


One thought on “Perfect Box

  1. I would not want a mom treat or gift. Mine would have a healthy kid snack, a book or CD, an educational toy, an useful organic or all natural toiletry item (soap, bubbles, lotion) something fun for child (small toy, crayon, puppet) I would paid I to $30 😉

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