Not so Fun in the Sun- June Citrus Lane

I know many people were disappointed in June’s Citrus Lane Box, and I was disappointed too.  I think that is why I have not yet written about it, and it is why I am not “reviewing” it.  Instead I am going to share an email exchange I had with the company that gives a little insight into what I thought about the box and how they came up with the items in the box.  I cannot image how hard it is to curate a subscription box or to work as a customer service representative for a subscription box company.  I do know that it is hard to please everyone, and I think Citrus Lane really does a great job at trying to make all customers happy.  Overall, I have been very happy with all of the other boxes they have sent out since December 2011. 


After opening the box I sent Citrus Lane the following email:

“Just wanted to let you know our box arrived today.  While I was a little disappointed with the two items that came in last May’s box, my daughter thinks the toddler hat is awesome for peek-a-boo.  I was happy that she loved the box because she knew as soon as she saw the sunscreen it was for outside.  I was also excited to see the Haba sand toy because while we love Haba in our house I had never seen their sand toys.  However, I love receiving new and exciting items in Citrus Lane boxes and I feel bummed about the last two boxes because they contained items that we already own and brands that we are already loyal to thanks to Citrus Lane.  Since you introduced our family to Epicencial, Green Toy, iPlay, and Barefoot Books, some would say I have gone overboard in being brand loyal to those products.  So, while I love seeing them in your boxes, I would love to see some new brands too.  I also sent a box to a friend this month and her daughter loved it.  



I received this reply two days later:

“I’m so glad to hear that your box finally arrived, and that your little one is already enjoying the goodies! 🙂


I am sorry to hear, though, that you were a bit disappointed with these past two boxes, especially in terms of the repeated items/brands. I totally understand where you’re coming from, and just wanted to talk through a little bit of how our team thinks about this issue (and it’s definitely an ongoing discussion). On the one hand, we definitely want to feature items and products that our community has loved in the past; this allows us to introduce our loyal customers to new items from the brands, replenish the supplies for products that maybe have gotten used up, and introduce new customers to a trusted, well-loved brand. However, we also want to balance the frequency at which the brands are featured again, as well as take into account whether our long-time members have already received this product or how many times they’ve already seen the brand–these are definitely considerations our fulfillment and box teams are keeping in mind when deciding which items to send each month, and something we’re working to improve upon moving forward. And to improve, we need to hear from our customers, so we certainly do appreciate your thoughts this month!


I’ve passed your message along to our Box Team–you make a great point on the repeated brands and items, and the pictures illustrate that point while also being absolutely wonderful and just plain adorable. It’s definitely heartening to see that you’ve become such a loyal customer to these brands that we’d hoped you’d love! :-)”


I really appreciate how hard everyone at Citrus Lane works, and I hope that they really do listen to everyone’s feed back.  I can’t wait to see July’s box. 


If you are interested in Citrus Lane you can use the code TAKEHALF to get your first box for $12.50.


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