Lalaalu X 2 = Double the Fun

In April I signed up for a three-month subscription to Lalaalu, and I have fallen in love with their boxes.  When I got an email offering 20% off any one box this month I decided to get an extra box.  So, this month we received an Urban Player KidBox and the Urban Artiste Toddler KidBox.  The Urban Player KidBox is a box that is always available from Lalaalu and the Urban Artiste box is this month’s special box curated by Tatiana Arocha, a Brooklyn artist.  I was a little disappointed to see that Lalaalu changed the format of the product sheets that come in the boxes.  I liked the old format more because it told you more about the product.  Both of these boxes lived up to my expectations for a Lalaalu box!



I paid $24.00 for the Urban Player box, and it is well worth the money.  Lalaalu’s description of this box is that it was designed “to fend off hunger, soothe scrapes, and sanitize hands naturally,” but that is just the beginning.  The box was carefully packaged and very full.  I really like that Lalaalu puts so much time into packing the boxes to try to keep all of the contents safe.  The first thing I looked at is how many Ella’s Kitchen Goodies there are to help keep grumbly tummies happy.  My daughter loves the Nibbly Fingers and the sweet potato and blueberry pouches, so I was happy to see they we both included.  She is not a huge fan of the other two pouches in the box, but I am sure we can find a baby or toddler who would be more than happy to eat them.  My daughter has never tried the apple and ginger cookies, but it sounds like a snack she will like.


The next group of products I looked at is the ones to treat boo-boos and keep little ones clean.  I am really excited to try all three of these products.  There is Arnicare to help treat injuries from falls of the playground to more serious grown up injuries.  The TruKid Bubbly Body Wash sounds perfect because it says just a little bit creates a lot of bubbles and my daughter loves bubbles.  The Honest Co. Hand Sanitizer I have already thrown into my diaper bag.  It is the perfect size to keep with you for de-germing hands when there is not water around.


If these were the only items in the box this would have been an awesome box, but Lalaalu really packed this one and added a box of Wexy Bag, which make snacking even more fun, and my favorite item, a Hold on Handles.  I am so excited about this item because my kiddo is constantly asking to get out of the stroller.  Now she can and I can still have two hands free to push the stroller.  I am really hoping she likes this product as much as I do because it will make walks so much easier.  The total value of this box is just about $64.00.


Onto the Urban Artist box, this box is a little less impressive to look at when first opened it.  However, it has lots of products that are brand new to me, which is why I subscribe to monthly boxes.  I don’t think this box stuck to the theme as well as past boxes, however the art related materials in the box are really cute.  From Wee Gallery there is Bunny and Bear in Bryant Park, 32 Ways to Dress a Fox, and a set of three Wee Drawing Books.  I think my daughter will enjoy coloring in all of these books, but I felt like there should have been something included in the box to color with.  In addition to visual art, music is also represented in the box.  There is a Little Pim French Bop CD.  This is our first Little Pim CD, and my daughter loves the music on it.  Thank you Lalaalu for expanding our music collection!


Next there are snacks because creativity makes you hungry.   There are three NurturMe NurturMeals packets included.  I used to hate these, but I have since discovered that they are an easy way to hid veggies in almost anything.  There are also three Can Do Kids bars, which I put in the diaper bag to use for emergency snacks, so I hope they are tasty.


The last two products in this box are Nose Nuzzles Wipes and Babo Botanicals Cucumber and Aloe Vera Clean Sport Shampoo and Wash.  Both of these items are going to come in handy in the summer when there is so much outside and swimming time.  I am also happy that they are both very natural products that don’t contain lots of bad stuff in them.  I am really glad that I have so many new items to try with my daughter from this box, so I am not disappointed that there were not more “art” items in it.  The value of this box is $68.00.

You can sign up to receive your own amazing packages at  The next packages they are sending out will arrive at the end of August because they are taking July off to focus on family.  Being a teacher, I full support taking the summer off to spend with your kids.


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