Ecocentric Mom Bonus Mystery Box!

I have been looking into Ecocentric Mom for a couple of months, but I have not yet been able to justify adding on another monthly subscription for myself.  I jumped at the chance to try a Bonus Mystery Box.  They offered a baby box, mom-to-be, and a mom box.  After a little consideration I went with the mom box because my little one is not below 18 months, which is the age that the baby box is targeted to.  The Mystery Box was a one time only box and it cost $25.00.  I was hoping that it would be representative of a cross section of the products that Ecocentric Mom sent out during the last 12 months, and it was.   I could tell that there was a lot in the box the moment I picked it up.  It was a heavy box and it was jam-packed.  The box contained 33 different items.  They ranged from food samples to makeup to laundry detergent.  The box was an amazing value because it the products it contained are worth about $150.


Here is a break down of the items the Mom Mystery Box contained.  I got most of the prices off of the brand websites, but I had to do some creative math to get the value of some of the samples.

1) Gnu Foods Chocolate Brownie Bar- $1.99

2) Good Greens Apple Crumble Bar- $2.99

3) Natural Vitality Natural Calm 3.7 oz.-$5.03

4) Pure Matters Protein Single Serving Packets (2)-$1.33

5) Kelapo Virgin Coconut Oil .5 oz.-$1.19


6) LifeTree Citrus Fresh Dish Soap .5 oz. (3)-$0.60

7) Shaklee Samples .07 oz.-$0.52

8) Berryplus Laundry Soap 2 loads- $0.70


9) Swipes Lovin Wipes 1 wipe- $0.10

10) Zen Society Tea Tree Facial Cleanser Sample- $1.00

11) Treefort Naturals Hemp Lemongrass Sample- $1.00

12) Beauty From Flowers Day Cream Sample- $1.00

13) Pura Botanica Lost In Lavender- $9.33

14) Native Touch Sampler Made for Ecomom – $5.00

15) Purley You Satin Plum Eye Shadow Sample- $1.00


16) Jamu Spa Coconilla Massage Oil- $9.00

17) Naure’s Gate Rice Bran Moisturizer 4 oz.- $14.99

18) Organic Indulgence Body Balm (now Deep Steep)- $4.95

19) Zents Sample Pouch Sun-$8.00

20) Scrubz Party Favor Size-$6.00

21) OraMD 15ml- $22.97

22) Elma&Sana Moroccan Argan Oil- $9.99


23) Celtic Complextion Cream .5 oz.- $13.00

24) Tremella Body Lotion 1oz.- $3.25

25) Green Body Green Planet Shampoo and Conditioner 1 oz. each- $10.00

26) Nardo’s Natural sample body lotion and face cleanser- $3.00

27) Nardo’s Natural peppermint lip balm- $2.99

28) In Love with Your Lips Coconut Lime Lip Balm-$ 3.95


29) Essence of Vali Sleep Mini Vial-$1.00

30) 7th Heaven Moroccan Clay Masque-$2.99

31) The Seaweed Bath Co. Wildly Natural Seaweed Powder Bath- $3.89

32) Eat Cleaner 1 Wipe-$0.56

33) EcoDent 2 Pieces of Gum-$0.33


Total $153.64

Overall, I am happy with the box.  I wish there were more full size items, so I could figure out if I really like a product instead of just being able to use it once.  I also wish that there were some more reusable products.  I am still not sure I am going to sign up for a subscription.  However, it might be a fun box to get every once in a while, and I will subscribe for a baby box if I have another kiddo or if they expand the age range and add a toddler box.

If you are interested in Ecocentric Mom you can find out more about them at   Ecocentric Mom is offering $3 off any monthly subscription. The code is: ECOMOM3OFF, and it expires on July 13th.


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