Ten Favorites

I have been trying out various subscription boxes for over a year.  Some I love and stick with and others get the one or two box try before I decide it is not for my family.  After seeing a couple of other moms compile a list of top ten favorite items received, I started thinking about it and here is the list I came up with.  For most of the items I cannot remember what month it came, but I do remember which box it came in.

1. Skip Hop Zoo Lunchie- Citrus Lane
We received this in the August 2012 “Back to School” box. My daughter happened to start pre-school the following week so we ended up getting her the matching backpack. She loved the items so much that for her birthday we bought her the monkey suitcase. This made the list because we use it everyday. 

2. Wexy Bags- Lalaalu
Cute and safe for little ones’ lunches. I think it is funny that they always get sent home from school like her reusable snack pouches. They are an item I never would have thought to buy on my own, but now that I have them I can imagine not purchasing them again in the future.

3. Elizabeth Mitchelle You are my Little Bird CD- Citrus Lane
We drive (a lot), and when we are driving I like to listen to music that my daughter likes and I don’t hate. I actually really like this CD and recommend it to anyone that wants great kid friendly music. 

4. P’kolino Fish Sorter- Citrus Lane
I had this on my Amazon.com wish list when it arrived in a Citrus Lane box. It is a great toy that grows with a child. When my daughter was younger she would just drop all the fish through the biggest hole, then she started sorting them, and now she pretends that they are her pet fish.

5. Zoli Straw Cup- Citrus Lane
Hands down best sippy cup out there. It is not leak proof so don’t get it if that is what you are looking for, but the straw is weighted so no matter which direction the cup is facing you are able to drink out of it. It is expensive for a cup, but it is so worth the price. 

6. Barefoot Books Animal Boogie- Citrus Lane
My introduction to an amazing book company. It is a colorful fun book that is right on target with my daughter’s developmental stages. The CD is fun and the repetition in the book makes it easy for little ones to follow along and sing to.

7. Instead Soft Cups- Blissmo Box
This is a mommy item that rocks. I hate using pads and tampons that are not organic and unbleached, and I hate most of the pads and tampons on the market that are organic and unbleached. That is where the soft cup comes into play. It is not made toxic for your body and it is less of a hassle than the keeper or another reusable cup. 

8. Ecover Dishwasher Detergent- Conscious Box
We were looking for new detergent when this came in the May Conscious box, so we tried it out immediately. It worked great. The dishes came out sparkling and it does not have an offensive odor. It is a keeper. 

9. Episcencial Sunnyscreen- Citrus Lane
We live in TX and my daughter is pale, which means we go through a lot of sunscreen. Sunnyscreen is my absolute favorite. We were introduced to it in the May 2012 Citrus Lane “Fun in the Sun” box. We now use it almost every day. It has a nice scent and it gentle on your skin. It gets a great review from the Environmental Working Group, which is a must for me. 

10. Threadless T’s- Wittlebee
Hated Wittlebee’s customer service, but my daughter loved the Threadless t’s that came in them. The are fun designs and they are great play clothes. 

Boxes tried: Citrus Lane (since November 2011), Stock Stack (1 box), Food with Love (2 boxes), Blissmo Box (2 boxes), Conscious Box (since January 2013), Wittlebee (5 boxes), Lalaalu (since April 2013), Nature Box (since May 2013), BabbaCo (1 box), waiting for an Ecocentric Mom Box and Kiwi Crate


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