Lalaalu:The Urban Explorer KidBox

Lalaalu is one of our more recent box discoveries, and it is amazing!  I am so glad I found out about it when I did because Lalaalu has made a couple of changes since I originally signed up for it.  They used to be a surprise subscription box, but unless you are already a customer you now need to purchase boxes on a monthly basis.  This option is awesome if you are tired of getting charged because you forgot to cancel a subscription or you did not realize it was going to continue after your three or six months was up.  Also, Lalaalu is only accepting orders from new customers in certain areas.

Enough of the background info and onto the box.  This months Urban Explorer KidBox was sold for $28.00, and was worth so much more.  When you first open up a box, you are greeted by cheerful orange and pink tissue paper and a product information sheet.   The product sheet is personalized, which is a nice touch.  It gives you a little background on each item and the retail value.  The totally retail value of this box is $59.78 (not including the gift card).

ImageThe first item my daughter pulled out of the box were the Little Duck snacks.  We love these in our household, so we were happy to see them in our box.  I highly recommend them to any parent with a picky eater.  If you want to find Little Duck products they are now sold at Whole Foods.  Next, she took out the Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars, which are also a staple in our house.  You can find these goodies at REI or on Amazon.  The third item she unboxed was The Bus Drive, which is a cute little counting book.  It counts from 1 to 10 and back again.  It was a hit because it has puppies in it.  The other items in the box were less interesting to my little one.  The Early Lingo DVD looks interesting, but is probably not a product we will use.  The Bathtime Tip to Toe is an item we will be using.  It smells great and it made with baby and parent safe ingredients.  There was also a father’s day bonus in the box, a $25.00 gift card to Zeel.  I will not be using this because we don’t live in NYC, but I am sure I will fine someone who will appreciate it.  Image

All in all, I thought the box was great.  If you are interested in Lalaalu check them out at


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