Golden Tote

Since I have a four year old, and I have a hard time trying on clothes when she is shopping with me, I have been trying out a couple of different online styling services.  I have ordered from Stitch Fix a couple of times, and my results have been hit or miss, but I tried out Golden Tote for the first time in February.  I love it!  They have won my heart.  I was supposed to get a Stitch Fix this coming week, but I cancelled so I could purchase a large Golden Tote in March.

The way Golden Tote works is very different from Stitch Fix.  Golden Tote releases their new items for a month on the first Monday of the month (except this month they are releasing on the second Monday because they are launching a new website).  They then sell them until they are sold out.  Golden Tote has two different tote sizes.  A small tote that includes 2-3 items for $49.00 plus shipping ($7.95 for regular shipping) and a large tote for $149.00 plus shipping that includes 5-7 items.  With a small tote you pick one item, and with a large tote you pick two of your items.  The rest of the items are picked out for you based upon your style profile.

For February I ordered a small tote with a Cozy Knit Cardigan.  In addition to the 100% cotton cardigan that is machine washable, which is a must for me, I received an Hourglass Lily shirt.  The cardigan alone was worth the value I paid for the tote.

 Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 2.11.28 PM

Right now Golden Tote is offering free shipping on all orders (it is refunded once the order ships), so I ordered a mystery tote (they have them left in size small and extra small).  However, next Monday I am going to order a large tote.  I have my two items all picked out.  First, is the Sunday Brunch Dress, which is washable!  The second item is the wide leg jeans.

 Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 2.04.51 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-04 at 2.07.45 PM

If you have never order from Golden Tote before and want to give it a try, here is my referral link.  Happy shopping!


February Little Lace Box

I have cancelled most of my boxes at this point, but I splurged and purchased a Little Lace Box subscription.  Little Lace Box is a relatively new subscription box service that is “For Women Who Know They’re Worth It.”  It was really hard to snag a subscription, and they are not offering subscriptions to new customers at the moment.  The box is $39.99 a month or $383.90 for the year.  All of the box reviews I have seen have been pretty amazing, and I feel like this box is not their best.  I think that Little Lace Box also feels like this box is not their best.  In the note they included with the box they said that they box “isn’t an exact match for what we originally had in mind for the February theme,” which is “The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me.”  I would love to know what they originally planned for the box.

This box featured up and coming new artists, and there are a few variations in what they sent out.  I received a pair of Whitley Designs stud earrings ($54.99).  I like the earrings because they are simple.  However, they were one of the two items that had a very hard time in transit to my house, and the post broke.  I have never had to deal with Little Lace Box customer service, but I will let you know how they handle this. *Update, Little Lace Box got back to right away and let me know that they are going to send me replacements.*  (The other option for the jewelry item is a Kitsch Dream Bracelet.)  I am absolutely in love with the Tub Truffles by CeeCee&Bee ($21.99).  They are beautifully crafted and smell amazing.  I can’t wait to use these.  (If you didn’t get these you received Beekman 1802 Iridescent Shimmer Bling Bath.)  The Beekman 1802 product in my box is the Original Goat Milk Hot Fudge ($12.99).  All I can say about this product is yum.  Beekman Boys might be familiar to you from the Amazing Race or their reality TV show.  I still write notes, and I like having a selection of pretty stationary.  I used up all of my Pop Sugar note cards writing thank you notes around the holidays, so I am glad that this box included Pink Arrow Stationary by P. Press Papers ($12.99).  The final product in the box is a bottle of Hula Bliss Goat Milk Lotion by Dancin’ Goat Skin Care (sample).  This is the other item that did not survive shipping.  However, I have used Dancin’ Goat products before because they are sulfate and paraben free.

Overall, I really like the box.  It just didn’t wow me like some of their other boxes.  The box is an incredible value, and I like the array of products.  I can’t wait to see what they include in the “Here Comes the Sun” March box.

Orange Glad

OrangeGlad kindly sent me this box to review.  OrangeGlad is a monthly dessert subscription box.  The prices for this box range between $19.95 and $21.95 depending upon the length of your subscription.  However, if you use the code LOVE2015 (through the end of February 2015), you will receive 40% off of your subscription.  This makes it about $12.00 a month for this box.  IMG_3350First off, the shipping was great.  This arrived on a hot day in TX and everything was still solid, which is pretty unusually when you are talking about chocolate and TX.  The packaging was very nice, and they include an information card that tells you what is in the box and when to consume the products by.  I really like that they that give you a best by date for the foods.  The pink and hearts that I saw when I opened the box gave it a Valentine’s Day feel.
IMG_3351The box contained 5 different dessert items.  I loved the Carmel Sea Salt and Raspberry Truffles by Annalisa Chocolates.  The flavors were perfect, and they were by far my favorite snack in this box.  The Sugar Bowl Bakery’s Petite Palmiers were also delicious.  They were flakey and made with only five ingredients, which is always a good thing.  The other three items I was not crazy about.  The Buttercream Valentine Cookie by Cheryl’s and the Salem Baking’s Chocolate Dipped Sugar Moravian Cookies were not my favorites because of all of the far from natural ingredients.   I try not to have artificial food dye in the house and these both had lots.  The final dessert in the package was a container of We’re Mint to Be Fudge.  I normally love fudge, but I did not love this.  I am not sure why.  The cute container was my favorite part.
IMG_3353I don’t think I would be happy if I had paid $19.95 for this box.  However, with the current 40% off deal, I think that this would have been a great value for $12.00.


December 2014 and January 2015 Wantable Intimates

Wantable is subscription company that offers a few different types of boxes.  They offer an intimates box, an accessories box, a jewelry box, and a fitness styling service.  The boxes are all $36.00 a month if you sign up for a subscription or $40.00 for just one month.  The fitness styling service is a lot like Stitch Fix for workout clothing.  You pay a $20.00 styling fee, and they send you a box of clothes.  You can buy what you want and send back what you do not want.  Wantable has excellent customer service.  They are super easy to cancel or skip months, really listen to feedback, and allow returns for boxes that you do not like.

I have had success with the intimates box, and it is the box I order most frequently.  Wantable used to send out four to five items per box, but they recently changed to sending out three or four items per box.  Therefore, when I received my December box and all that it contained was a pair of pajamas and underwear I thought it looked skimpy.  When I wrote Wantable about it they explained that they count pajamas as two pieces.  I liked both the pajamas and the underwear, but I did not feel like they were really worth $36.00.  I ended up canceling my subscription at this point.


Then, in mid-January I received an email offering me 50% off my next box.  I figured I would give it another try.  When you place your order you can leave comments for the person who puts the box together.  In the comments I said that I would love to see some Muk Luks and fleece leggings.  Michelle who put the box together sent me my favorite box so far.  She thanked me for leaving detailed preferences and sent me both Muk Luk slippers ($24.00) and Muk Luk fleece leggings ($15.00).  I love both of these items.  The slippers are so cozy and the leggings fit great.  Some leggings are too short on me, but these ones are the perfect length.  In addition to the Muk Luk items she slipped in a Dreamwave Pajama Drama Velvet Insert Box Set ($28.00).  The top is long sleeve and the the bottoms are shorts.  Wantable redeemed the sub-par December box with this amazing January box.


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Stitch Fix #4

Stitch Fix is a styling company that sends clothing right to your door for you try on and purchase if you like it.  They charge a $20.00 styling fee that is deducted from any purchases you make.  Before you get your first fix you need to fill out a style profile and write your stylist a note.  Stitch Fix has awesome customer service, and I highly recommend the company.  It is perfect for me because I hate trying on clothes at stores while trying to keep my little one from causing chaos in the fitting room.

I never told anyone about Stitch Fix #3 because it was a bit of a disaster, but Stitch Fix’s customer service  came to the rescue and here is the replacement fix.  I really thought that I was going to keep all of the items when I first opened the box and looked at the style sheet because I love all five of the items.  Madison was my stylist for this fix, and I think she nailed what I was looking for.  I requested work clothes that are life resistant (machine washable) and appropriate to wear while teaching at an all boys school.  I love dresses, and I am always cold, so I wanted sweaters.  I had pinned a pair of cords that I liked, so I was sent ones that are similar.


The first dress I tried on is the 41Hawthorn Dita Colorblock Sleeveless Ponte Dress ($78.00)  This dress is the perfect style for me, and I like the color combination.  However, it was too big.   IMG_3223  Dress number two is also a 41Hawthorn dress.  It is the Jovan 3/4 Sleeve Geo Print Border Wrap Dress ($58.00), and unlike the Dita it was too small.  It was a little too low cut and too short to be considered appropriate work wear.  The pattern is adorable and if I were a few inches shorter, it would be a winner.  IMG_3224Next up are the two sweaters, I usually wear a small or medium in Gap or Banana Republic tops, so I thought that medium would be plenty big, but I had length issues with both of the sweaters.  The Pink Martini Opal V-Neck Sweater ($68.00) has beautiful detailing and a longer back than front.  It is a great sweater. However, the front came down to my belly button and the sleeves were a couple of inches above my wrists.






The Market and Spruce Carly Graphic Print Cardigan ($78.00) is as wonderful in person as it is in the pictures.  It was just too much fabric for me.  I think I probably needed a size smaller in this one.

IMG_3227These Mavi cords are a steal through Stitch Fix, $58.00 to the $98.00 they retail for at Nordstrom.  I really wanted them to fit, but the Freida Corduroy (Stitch Fix name for them.  The Mavi style name is Alexa.) put the skinny in skinny jeans.  They were also ridiculously short on me.



So, instead of keeping all five items, I ended up with a complex about my long arms and legs and no new clothing.  I so wanted to love all of these items.  I am going to schedule my next fix right now because I really did like all of the items in this box, and I think that they are high quality items.  If you want to try out Stitch Fix, I thank you in advance if you use my referral link.


January 2015 Citrus Lane Box

I am sad to say, but I think my little one might be nearing the end of her Citrus Lane relationship.  She has been getting the boxes for a little over three years, and she no longer is that excited by them.  Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box for newborns  to 5 year olds.

The note from Citrus Lane said that the box should include “A custom made set perfect for pretend play, a stackable learning toy, and a new bedtime story we hope will make you and your child smile for months (and years) to come.”  The box did not include these things, but this month’s box for 46 month old girls is all about creativity.  It includes two repeat brands, Petit Collage and Faber-Castell, as well as two new brands, GoldieBlox and Smarty Pants Vitamins.



I really like everything in this month’s box.  The activity placemats ($12.00) by Petit Collage are adorable.  This is an item that I would never buy, but I see us using.  The GoldieBlox Blox+Bits kit (guessing this has a $10.00 value) are a perfect addition to the game that we already have, but if we didn’t have the game I am not sure how enthusiastic I would be about them.  All of the Faber-Castell items we have are high quality art supplies.  I like that these color pencils ($4.00) are made from reforested wood and that they have a triangle grip.  The vitamins are a one time sample.  Overall, I think the theme of the box is cute.  However, the value is not there if you paid $29.00 for the box.

Pick Your Plum Girl’s Clothing Grab Box

Happy 2015!  I know I have not posted in a long time, but I thought I would share with you my most recent Pick Your Plum order.  For those of you not familiar with Pick Your Plum, it is a daily deal site for craft and clothing items.  Most items are made especially for Pick Your Plum.  On December 20, they offered “PYP’s First Girl’s Clothing Grab Box Ever… Each box is packed with KID related treasures. Tutus, dresses, head bands, skirts, leggings and more. 6-8 items. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit!” They were only $9.99, so I figured I would get a couple items that could be added to my daughter’s dress up clothing draw.  The box arrived on Tuesday, a little worse for the wear.  The two sides on the top of the box were open and the packing slip was missing, but there were a bunch of items still in the box (more than the 6-8 that were promised).


My daughter is a huge tutu and dress girl, so I hoped that there would be at least one in the box.  There were none, but there were a bunch of little girl maxi skirts that fit her.  There are three green ones, but they are three different sizes.  There are two skirts that are for bigger kids, but they are stretchy so she came use them as dresses for now.  There is also a cute chevron diaper cover and a winter hat.  The one stumper for me in this bunch is the little tie.  Since I have such a little, little girl I am happy with the box because she can use most of the items for play.  I don’t think I would have been happy if I ordered this for a bigger girl because it would have been a complete miss.  If Pick Your Plum does these boxes again, I would love to see them offer them in sizes like they did with the woman’s box (I will eventually get to posting pictures of that box).  If you did this grab box, what did you get?

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Some Fun Cyber Monday Deals

I have not posted in a really long time, but I wanted to let you know about a couple of deals that are available today.

First, Target is offering a Natural Beauty Box for the first time.  It is $5.00 for $25.00 worth of products. The box includes: SoapBox Argan Shampoo, Skinfix Hand Repair Cream, Burt’s Bees Facial Wipes, SheaMoisture Coconut Hibiscus Smoothie, Borghese Age Defying Facial Scrub, and Acure Organics Facial Cleanser.  If you have a Target Card remember to use it to get an additional 5% off.  All of the boxes ship for free.  There is also a new woman’s beauty box and a men’ beauty box.

Second, Pick Your Plum is offering great deals today.  I love Pick Your Plum, and all orders will be 14% off today.

Third, if you have been thinking about trying out Yumvelope, you can try today using the code cyberyumday.  The code will get you $5.00 off and extra treats.

I know that there are lots of great deals out there, but I wanted to let you know these three.  If you have any awesome deals post a link below.  Thanks!

Ok, I want to add two more Seedling is having a 30% off sale.  Use the code CYBERSEED.

Last one (for now), use code FRIENDS to save 35% and get free shipping on all orders from Chronicle Books.

Well, here is one more.  POPSUGAR is offering a great discount for a one month gift subscription.  For 12/1/14 only use the code Holiday50 for 50% off a one month gift subscription.  Don’t forget to uncheck the wait list button if you want to start with the December box.  Please use my referral link by clicking here.

Beco Toddler Carrier Love

A few weeks ago Beco Baby Carriers ran a contest to introduce the 2015 patterns and the new Beco Toddler Carrier, which is not yet available. I was lucky enough to win the toddler carrier, and it arrived yesterday. Since these carrier are not sold in stores yet, I did not know what to expect. I love it. It is expected to be approved for carrying kids up to 60 lbs., which means my child could be in it forever. However, it fits my 32 lb. 3.5 year old really well. She loves it. I carried her around on my front before nap time and she fell asleep in it. Falling asleep in a carrier has not happened in a long time. We then went on a walk with her on my back. She was cozy and warm, and I was comfortable carrying her for the mile or so we walked.

Here are a couple pictures of the beautiful carrier.




Fall 2014 Trade As One Box

I know that October is almost over, but October is Fair Trade Month.  In honor of the month I ordered a Trade As One box to review (I was offered a 50% discount).  Trade As One is quarterly box, and I received the fall box.  The subscription is $99.00, which works out to a little more than a dollar a day for a selection of 12-15 products every three months.  The boxes include mostly food products, but they always included a “treat” item or two.  I try to buy local or fair trade as frequently as possible to help support small business and ensure that people are earning fair wages.  Not only are all of the items in the subscription fair trade they are all also ethically sourced.

The theme for the fall is Fruits and Nuts, and Trade As One includes a book explaining the featured products and recipes.  The items that go along with the theme are:

organic, natural cashews from Equal Exchange ($6.95)

Om Al-Fahem almonds from Parc ($6.95)

organic, dried pineapple from Equal Exchange ($3.95)

organic, dried mango from Equal Exchange ($4.95).

This month there are also three products that are made by the Women’s Bean Project, which is a fabulous non-profit that is based in Denver, CO.  It helps empower women by teaching them social enterprise.  All of the Women’s Bean Project products are delicious.  If you have not tried one of their soup mixes I highly recommend them all.

Malaysian spice rub from Women’s Bean Project ($3.95)

brownie mix from Women’s Bean Project ($5.95)

Sarah’s Spicy Split Pea Soup Mix by Women’s Bean Project ($5.95)


The items that I am most excited about are the dark chocolate almond spread with sea salt from Barefoot and Chocolate ($7.99), lip balm by Alaffia ($2.99), honey and rooibos balsamic vinegar reduction made by Cape Treasures ($7.95), and tomato caper spread from Canaan Fair Trade ($8.00).  The Barefoot and Chocolate spread is so good.  I have hit the jar up with a spoon, and it is delicious.


The last two items are “grains”.  There is always a rice or grain type item in each box.  This quarter there are two Alter Eco products:

ruby red rice from Alter Eco ($4.79)

rainbow quinoa from Alter Eco ($7.99).


The total value of the box is $78.36.  The value of the products are not equal to the value of the subscription.  However, the box was 10 lbs, so there is no way it is cheap to ship.  It is also hard to find all of these products locally, so I think it is still worth the price of the box.

If you want to see another box, I have a review of the Fall 2013 box on the site.  I also encourage you to consider gifting a subscription this holiday season.  Not only will you be giving a fantastic gift, you will also be making a difference to people all over the world.  If you are interested in subscribing you can use the code mommysubboxes20 (Expires 12/31/14) and get $20 off for new subscribers only.